Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Childcare Consulting

Are you responsible for the Human Resource in your organization?

Is talent retention one of your biggest challenges?

Are female employees a large part of your work force?

Do you lose a lot of your employees to family related reasons?

If pregnancy or child care one of the main family reasons for quitting job or taking a sabbatical?

Have you identified daycare services as one of the key steps for employee comfort?

Have you identified a suitable daycare service and can you depend on it?


Talent retention is one of the biggest challenges of any HR department. A bigger challenge is to find a suitable daycare. Mostly, we go with what's available. However, if your employees can't develop a confidence in the service, HR's goal is far from achieved. Tinkerdale has this as the single biggest reason for existence.

We make child care services super dependable. At the risk of being challenged, we still claim that many parents would prefer their child to be brought up in a Tinkerdale than only at home or at granny-care. Try us.

Option 1:

Use our expertise to set up a child care centre at your premises

Option 2:

Sign up with a Tinkerdale near you

Option 3:

Set up a child care center and have it certified by Tinkerdale