Thursday, April 26, 2018

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"Inaam Bahut Hain, Roti Nahin."

Visit to an Orphanage

Sindhutai Sapkal, 'Mai' to Allt's Independence Day, 2014. The contributions from the donation drive of Tinkerdale International Preschool were taken by the teachers to the Sanmati Bal Niketan of Sindhutai Sapkal. This Orphanage is In Manjari Budruk, not very far from Magarpatta City.

Thank You all for your contributions to donation - Tinkerdale Team

We spent over an hour at Sanmati, which was enough to understnd the real struggle of the forty children and twenty homeless women who stay at Sanmati. When we reached Sanmati, Mai (as Sindhutai is called by all) was about to leave for addressing some diffence personnel on the occasion of Independence Day. Barely able to walk, she limped down the stairs three storeys with support on both sides, somewhat reminding of Gandhiji. But that is only part of the struggle.

When we suggested that now someone else could take up the responsibility of meeting people and she should rest, she said:

If I don't go, we'll not get the donations. If the food finishes, I'll go to nearby houses begging for it.

Panoramic of the Awards Gallery of Sindhutai

Naturally, we asked he about the awards ,,, hundreds of them. One would believe that having so much recognition would translate to support, which would in turn translate to regular flow of donations.

I have many awards, not enough food.

Sanmati Bal Niketan, ManjariIf there's so much struggle after such recognition, what would be the state of not so known orphanages? While parting we gathered some more information to keep our thoughts rolling through the day ...

We need food and money. We have enough used clothes. New clothes would be nice to give kids on special occasions.

We have sacks of toys but people mostly donate broken ones. Most are not usable.

We were just happy to offer to use the broken toys for tinkering. We'll just break them up some more to help kids learn how they worked, and may be salvage some motors and switches and gears!

Awards Gallery

The Flame

The glass box with the flame that symbolises the life of Sindhutai. Sanmati children believe she will continue living as long as the flame is burning.