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Child Health Day, 30th May 2015, Free health checkup

Child Health Day 2015


Schools will be starting shortly and it's time to be all fit and fine. It is also an opportunity to check how our little ones are doing for their health.

Is the growth healthy?

Is the oral health good?

Are the eyes fine?

We don't even know about the ears, nose and throat. Are they fine?

Do we need to take some action?

What better way to do that than visiting Tinkerdale on a weekend (Saturday) and getting a quick health check for free. This camp is being sponsored by DHFL Pramerica. DHFL doctors will do the check and provide a report in a couple of days.

Send us an email for registration. Registration before 3PM on 28th May is mandatory. Also send the photograph for the Best Photo Awards (see below) with the registration mail.

Include: Childs name, age, date of birth, address, contact number, school

Remember, we can accommodate limited numbers, so HURRY!

Email address for registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

HealthyChild Awards

The healthiest kids and their parents will be recognised for their care and effort. A healthy child is not only healthy by nature but because of the care taken by the parents and the effort they put in understanding the needs of their child.


There really are no rules. The doctors will give points to each child. The highest points qualify for the awards.

If you don't win it doesn't mean you haven't been a good parent. Every parent does the best for their children. It's just that some may do a tiny bit more.

Best Photo Award

We also kow that for you your child is the most photogenic and that's even better with your photography skills! Send us the best picture of your child for the best photo award.


1. The award will be in two age groups, 1-4 years & 4-8 years.

2. The photo should not be a studio photo but from your personal camera.

3. The photo should not be more than three months old. Please specify when and where the photo was taken. Approximate dates are acceptible.

4. Pictures will be posted on our Facebook page and votes will be invited.

5. Fifty percent weightage will be of the Facebook Likes and 50% of the judges points.

6. The final decision will be of the judges and no discussion on it will be accepted.

* By submitting the photo you are permitting Tinkerdale International Preschool Magarpatta City​ to use the photo in any way.