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For new parents, experienced parents, or expecting parents. We all go through phases when we think about the happines that would come from our child, before birth, or after, or much later. Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman, founders of Babble.com share their experience ... honestly.


Five Playful Ways to Develop Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are key to school success! Luckily, there are some very fun ways that kids can develop their fine motor skills. Here are a few that my kids enjoy:

Matching Games

Picking up a card and putting it back down without disturbing the cards around it during a game of Memory is great fine motor skill! Matching pattern blocks to cards is a great follow-up activity!

Drawing and Coloring

My kids love coloring – especially when there is room for creative expression! Line art is a fun alternative to traditional coloring activities. Fun, simple drawing games are always popular with my kids, and a great on-the-go activity! White boards can remove some of the stress for perfectionism-inclined children.

How to Talk to Your Child

How to talk with your childChildren learn to talk between the age of 1-3 years. How can you help them pick up speech? Creating an environment where talking is frequent is the first step. You need to use a lot of action, expression and objects to help your child understand speech. Enjoy these years of your child's early years and watch him/her grow every day. As you look back a few months you will be amazed at how fast kids learn. However, the real magic is learning language from absolute zero and no other language for reference. We adults can't do that!

Here are some videos by experts and parents:


Good Touch, Bad Touch | Video from Childline

CHILDLINE Didi explains to children the concept of safe and unsafe touch, so that they can be better equipped to protect themselves and take help from trusted adults if ever caught in a similar situation.

Education | What we are changing in it

One of Sir Ken Robinson's talks on TED makes you start believing that not everything is right with how we educate our kids. The issue is a wordwide phenomena and needs corrections. Tinkerdale is part of this change.

Summer Camp 2014

Summer Camp 2014 is here!

Camp for 1.5-12 years. Four age groups.

Special Science Camp for 8-12 years

For more information, contact Tinkerdale International

Summer Camp 2014



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