Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Tinkerdale Daycare

"Daycare", if we think about, gives a picture of a place with children all around and some caretakers keeping a watch over them. The popular activities are meal time and sleep time. At the end of the day children are picked up by their parents, content that their child has been safe through the day and fed at the appropriate time. Thanks to the daycare facility both parents were able to go to their office.

That's a great service, but is that enough?

The important factor now is what this has done for the child's development. A child is a natural learner and learns from his/her experiences: verbal, visual, auditory, feel, actions and social interactions. Taking care of children is just a part of what we can do for them. Giving them the opportunities to have the experiences is more important than food and safety. Learning makes their future.

Tinkerdale is about the experiences of the children in our care. 'Tinkering' means fiddling with things, outside and inside. They explore, discover, understand, and create. That helps the child enjoy learning, developing into a very aware, creative, and confident young person. Let's help them know the world. Let's help them create a future for themselves. Let's acknowledge they can be more brilliant than us and can learn a lot on their own. We owe it to them.

Tinkerdale has many practices that are followed internationally. And you have so many activities! I have enrolled my child because of the activities, but all other aspects are also so great.

Why "International"?

We simply are international. Of course, we need to keep our services affordable as well, but more than anything we strive to implement practices acceptable internationally. There isn't a prescribed method for international acceptance, but there are many schools of thoughts and we implement those that we find most logical and suitable for our culture and society. In this, we have partnered with Finntaito, a Finland-based educational organisation. Being a part of this network of schools spread across Asia, Europe, and Africa gives us the international exposure and knowledge-base.

Many preschools and care centers include 'International' with their name. That's fair in a way because most education practices followed today are adapted from internationally accepted methods. There is no board for preschools education. However, education methodology isn't an absolute science. New thoughts are brought forward periodically. Different schools, states, countries may follow different methods. Our endeavor is to keep in touch with the happenings across the globe and keep our understanding and methodologies dynamic.

The other aspect is parenting practices. This is an area in which most parents feel they are natural experts. Some aspects do come to us naturally, but in many we make mistakes by going with our instincts. There are cultural aspects and traditions also. At Tinkerdale, we go completely by the practices recommended by experts. We also help parents with solving any learning and behavior issues of the child. These are very common and seeking professional guidance at the right time is very useful rather than going by parental instincts.


Our mission is to develop entire generations of children who have been brought up with the right care and learning practices, especially focused on learning by exploring, to make confident and creative young people. We exist to take away all child care concerns of working parents and to be a guiding light for any individual or group responsible for child care.


Tinkerdale will be the standard for child care and early learning practices for children of working parents of all classes. Tinkerdale will provide the environment for children to be innovators and good citizens by providing the right learning and emotional care and opportunities to experiment.