To make evenings useful for kids, we have a two hour long 'masti' time, which we call Tinkerclub. Full of activities of all kinds, the club is open to all for participation. These activities are included for our daycare kids. You can choose to join all activities of the club at an amazing discount or select the one you like.

For more information about the activities, contact Tinkerdale International.

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Finland International Early Education

The first five years of life are the most exciting from the perspective of learning. This is one phase of life where the biggest purpose given to us by nature is to LEARN, followed by physical growth. The way we learn in these years will never happen in later years:

"Absorbing knowledge like rasgulla, gulabjamun, and jalebi absorb the sweetness of the sugar syrup!"

This sweet analogy is not just in a lighter vein, but is true in more than one way. The knowledge absorption also happens when the timing is right...early. Learning delayed is learning denied, because the learning in these early years happens without needing a base, and later learning uses this learning as the base.


Childcare Consulting

Are you responsible for the Human Resource in your organization?

Is talent retention one of your biggest challenges?

Are female employees a large part of your work force?

Do you lose a lot of your employees to family related reasons?

If pregnancy or child care one of the main family reasons for quitting job or taking a sabbatical?

Have you identified daycare services as one of the key steps for employee comfort?

Have you identified a suitable daycare service and can you depend on it?



The activities at Tinkerdale are limitless. We keep developing new activities constantly and also encourage individual team members to think creatively and be inquisitive about new ideas and their contributions to the learning of children.

On a broader level, the activities can be listed as follows:

  • Indoor play
  • Outdoor play
  • Building blocks (various kind)
  • Art & craft
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Singing
  • Storytelling


Tinkerdale Daycare

"Daycare", if we think about, gives a picture of a place with children all around and some caretakers keeping a watch over them. The popular activities are meal time and sleep time. At the end of the day children are picked up by their parents, content that their child has been safe through the day and fed at the appropriate time. Thanks to the daycare facility both parents were able to go to their office.

That's a great service, but is that enough?

The important factor now is what this has done for the child's development. A child is a natural learner and learns from his/her experiences: verbal, visual, auditory, feel, actions and social interactions. Taking care of children is just a part of what we can do for them. Giving them the opportunities to have the experiences is more important than food and safety. Learning makes their future.