Thursday, April 26, 2018

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"... knowledge is constructed in the human being when information comes into contact with existing knowledge ..." - Wikipedia

Making "existing knowledge" is best done in these five early years. Give lots of opportunities to your child to watch, feel, explore, sense in more ways, make, do and just absorb the different experiences.

You can certainly do this at home. Children can do wonderfully well if educated parents can give enough time to develop the skills and do various activities with their child. Unfortunately, most parents are unable to provide the required time. That's where preschools play the all important role of the teaching parent. However, we recommend that parents still try their best to give maximum possible time for their child's learning even if he/she goes to school. Home will always remain the most important teacher.

Tinkerdale Preschool

"Tinkerdale", the sweet new name for our school has a deep meaning in it. "Tinkering" as a word has in recent times become highly respected. The act of tinkering (aimlessly fiddling with things) has acquired a new meaning for learning. Yes, we learn by experiencing things: by touch, feel, smell and all other senses and also by throwing, breaking, opening, and other such acts that some might consider destructive. Doing all this purely to destroy will certainly not be useful, but if they are done to explore, understand, rebuild, and improve, you won't find a better teacher than that.

That's what we believe in at Tinkerdale. In our tinkering valley (dale), the most important tool is "experiencing". We let children learn on their own, we create situations that will bring new experiences for them, and we cover all aspects of life where experiencing is possible.

  • Objects, such as shapes, textures, and other sensory experiences
  • People, for the social experience of being human
  • Celebrations, to experience our culture
  • Creations, to experience how we can imagine and make things useful and beautiful
  • Places, to find knowledge, peace, happiness, help, support, and so on.

Association with Igloo Kids

The education system in Finland is highly respected across the world. Group of teachers from all over the world visit Finland to understand the reasons for success of education in Finland. We are excited about bringing the same experience, methods, and standards to your neighbourhood with our association with Igloo Kids.

Igloo Kids International preschool is brought to India by Finntaito, an Finland-based education organisation. The curriculum is a combination of various early learning systems and methodologies respected worldwide, blended with the Indian values and aligned to the Indian education system. For more information, visit

Unique Experiences

With Iglookids, we look forward to exciting years of learning for the kids and also the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences between parents and teachers in India and Finland. much of this exchange can now happen using technology (video-conferencing). Face to face interactions could also become possible in some time.